Meth: Big Time Drug in Small Town America (Volume 1: Victims)


Donna is a mother of two children who is incarcerated for meth manufacturing and reckless endangerment.  She tearfully shares how her addiction caused her to lose custody of her children.  Betsy, a child protective services worker, has regular contact with methamphetamine addicts.  She discusses the powerful hold this addiction has over parents who choose drugs over their own children.

Dr. Sullivan Smith talks about his experiences as an emergency room physician.  He explains the trauma children suffer when they have to leave their home with nothing and then be examined and decontaminated in a cold, sterile environment.  Pictures are shown to illustrate the squalor that children are exposed to in meth labs.

John, 24, grew up in a home where drugs were easily accessible.  As a young child he was cooking, cleaning and taking care of his younger sister, Ashley.  He was in and out of foster care and eventually followed in the footsteps of his mother and began using meth.  Soon afterwards, he was one of the biggest suppliers in his community.  Ashley, 19, also became addicted to meth after being neglected by her mom and sexually abused by her father.  Their mother, Niki, has been clean for six years.  She is now aware of the damage her addiction caused her children.  John and Ashley are both in recovery, but constant peer pressure makes it difficult not to fall back on old friends and old habits.

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