Una Perspectiva Desde Las Sombras: Abuso Sexual Infantil En La Comunidad Hispana


This video will help educate the Hispanic community about child sexual abuse in a culturally competent way.  The viewer will learn how to prevent child sexual abuse, recognize the signs, and intervene appropriately.

Carmen and Soledad were both sexually abused as children by family members. Now, as adults, they share their stories. Gabriela, a Child Advocacy Center therapist, discusses tactics offenders use with victims - establishing trust, breaking down defenses, and using threats.  She discusses why children don't tell, how abuse can be prevented, and the healing process.

Mary, an attorney and Hispanic advocate, discusses why the Hispanic community is hesitant to report.  She emphasizes that reporting is important and encourages viewers to learn about their local laws so they will be able to get help for both the victim and offender. 

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